• lifevlawschool:

    1. God I feel rested

    2. I am completely, totally, 100% prepared for this exam

    3. Yes please, I’ll have a ginger beer

    4. Lord Denning doesn’t add any value to my life

    5. No thanks, I have enough highlighters (LOL- Like thats a thing)

    6. My notes are perfect and I have them completely…

  • romwe:

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Masjid Nabwi, Madinah
  • blvcknvy:

    “‘yal rabbal ‘alameen inni as’aluka khayra hadhal yaum wa nasrika wa noorika wa baakatika”

    "Ô Lord of the worlds, verily I ask You for good on this day, and Your help, and Your light, and Your blessing."

    keep reciting this duaa on the morning of your exam and Shaa’Allahu Taala a special help and barakah will come from Allah,

    Insha Allah ya Rabb

  • unfuckthereallife:

this is so important

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